Constance Lagaiete Limited

Incorporated in 1913, Constance La Gaieté Company Limited (CLG) is a member company of the Constance Group.
CLG is listed on the Development and Enterprise Market (DEM), the secondary market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

CLG is primarily engaged in sugarcane cultivation. Today, it produces some 11,500 tonnes of sugar every year from a total harvested area of approximately 1,970 hectares. In 1998, its milling activities were centralised on Deep River Beau Champ Milling Co. Ltd. The Company is also engaged in non-sugar agricultural activities and in the development of real estate.

Over the past years, CLG has embarked on a diversification strategy to mitigate the impact of sugar market downturns and to better capture the value of its lands which are strategically located on the north east coast of the island of Mauritius. In this respect, CLG has expanded its production of food crops, fruits and broilers, and has initiated a cattle rearing and deer farming activity.

Since 2018, the Company has moved towards the development of real-estate projects. A modern Headquarters complex was completed last year at Constance Business Park and delivered to the lessees. Further projects are planned in this Business Park in order to contribute to the creation of a modern and pleasant business gateway. In addition, a morcellement project is planned in the Centre de Flacq area, and CLG is investigating further mixed-use real estate developments, in line with the growing interest of investors for the north east region of Mauritius.